Stories about our neighborhoods are often told by adults for adults. But what landmarks and businesses define our neighborhoods through the eyes of young urban curators?

We set out to learn the answer by partnering with the Boston Public Schools. Students from Dorchester’s Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School toured Dorchester’s Grove Hall, Uphams Corner, and Fields Corner neighborhoods. They were tasked with interviewing business owners, artists, and residents and writing biographies about the people and places that make Dorchester unique. 

These are stories written by students from the ESL 1 Newcomers and the 6th-grade inclusion program who learn best in non-traditional classrooms or are in classes designed for New Language Learners. They have overcome many challenges in the world to pen these stories about Boston, their home.

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A Letter from Mayor Wu

Boston’s biggest neighborhood, Dorchester, is brimming with history and community. Here you can find landmarks including The Mather School—the nation’s first public elementary school, the Baker Chocolate Factory—the first of its kind in the country, and The Blake House—Boston’s oldest building. Over the years, this historic, diverse community has grown and evolved with each generation of residents whose spirit, vision, and vibrancy have infused this corner of Boston with an unmistakable character. You can feel community in the small businesses, restaurants, and galleries that make Dorchester a thriving cultural hub. Across the neighborhood—and across our city—local businesses support our families and drive our economy. Multi-generational Legacy Businesses anchor our communities and introduce visitors and residents alike to a world of new experiences.

The partnership between the Boston Preservation Alliance and students at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School highlights some of the most meaningful spaces and places in Dorchester. I’m so grateful to our skilled team of urban curators for the opportunity to rediscover this neighborhood through their eyes.

It’s my pleasure to invite you to celebrate their hard work by connecting with your neighbors, exploring our city, and learning more about the artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who make up this incredible community. Many of the young authors who wrote these cards are new to Boston, or—like me—are the children of immigrants. And I am so proud of them for using their voices to uplift others in our community, and so grateful for the time, care, and heart they’ve invested in bringing us these stories of inspiration and ingenuity.

Thank you to our young urban curators! Thank you for your wonderful words, your curious minds, and your generous hearts. I’m also grateful for the educators & artists, the small business owners & partners, and the Boston Preservation Alliance for collaborating with our students to bring Dorchester’s stories to life.

Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston

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Let the Young Urban Curators be your guide, buy a set of cards, and Tour Your Boston. $35.

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Lisa Bartlett, Special Education Teacher
Jennifer Dines, ESL 1 Teacher


Aginah Bolds, 6th Grade Support 
Kaylah Mack, ELA Teacher

The Authors / Urban Curators:

Ellen Gabriely Silva Almeida
Marvin Bobadilla Alvarado
Samson Asmelash
Yolandi Vicente Breton
Galilea Acevedo Buzeta
Chatani Canelus
Julianna Chase
Yadriel Vallejo Colon
Frasyaily Neomy Soto Cordero
Alexis Lopes Dasilveira
Jhosdwer Pena Diaz
Dwayne Dorilus
Sara Isabela Lima Dos Santos
Tania Aguilar Fajardo
Jassil Hernandez Fernandez
Keicsi Fountain
Roben Freeman
Lismairy Vizcaino Garcia
Deyshon Gomez Gregorio
Urion Griffith
Unique Young Hollins
Lucia Kirkland
Ismael Lara
Ngoc Bao Luu
Miriam Martins
Erick Pimentel Mato
Leudianny Medina Mejia
Mayra Mendez
Dianne Milton
Jeremiah Montrond
Jahmari Norwood
Justin Paulino Nunez
Jailene Ortiz
Alan Medina Pena
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