Ellen Gabriely Silva Almeida

Kim's Flower Shop, Fields Corner

Kim’s Flower Shop opened in 2016.The company name is Kim’s Flower Shop. The owner is Vivian Veth. The flower shop is located at 1491 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02122.

In 1991, Vivian graduated from college. In 2006, Vivian became a realtor. In 2015, she opened Landmark Unlimited Realty, with an owner. In 2016, she opened Kim’s Flower Shop in the same building as her realty business.

Many people go to Kim’s Flower Shop because they sell many roses, one more beautiful than the other. Vivian’s story inspires many people to start a business. Vivian’s story inspires many people to do what they like and love.

Kim's Flower Shop interior
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