Boston’s Legacy Businesses


Certain places make Boston, Boston. They are so unique that no other city in the world has places quite like them. These are Boston’s Legacy Businesses. We want to know what Boston businesses you think are neighborhood-defining. What are the places you can’t imagine the city without?

The character of a place rests in more than the physical architecture. People make memories, not buildings and Boston’s Legacy Businesses are the retainers of neighborhood identity and generations worth of memories.

Tell us what stories you want told and what places you think matter. Whether it’s your favorite bar, your favorite park, bears carved in stone, or hidden stairs on a hillside, we want to know. 

We’ve received numerous responses of establishments and if one thing is certain, this list makes us want to get out and explore the city and support these historic and unique shops. 

Here is the list submitted and curated by you, the people of Boston. Use the map above to find your favorite spot, or click on a category to read more about the history of each place submitted. If you want to add a place, email us and we’ll add it to this list. 

*marks the businesses that have closed


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We want this list to keep growing and we will continue to update it as more recommendations stream in. Share your favorites with the tags #PreservationHub and #SaveMyBoston. Not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? No problem! Send us an email at

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