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Job Opportunities

The Boston Preservation Alliance is the city’s primary non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to historic preservation. Through advocacy, education, and awareness the Alliance plays an essential role in shaping the future of Boston. Available positions will be shared below. 

Request for Proposals

The Boston Preservation Alliance is requesting proposals from strategic planning consultants to conduct a far-reaching and inclusive input process to inform and create a Strategic Plan. We anticipate the plan will guide the organization through the next 3-5 years.

Proposals are due no later than April 3.
Our budget for this process is not to exceed $35,000.

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The Boston Preservation Alliance is Boston’s primary nonprofit advocacy organization that protects and promotes the use of historic buildings and landscapes in all of the city’s neighborhoods. With 40 Organizational Members, 107 Corporate Members, and a reach of over 100,000 friends and supporters we represent a diverse constituency advocating for the thoughtful evolution of the city and celebration of its unique character. Through advocacy and education, we bring people and organizations together to influence the future of Boston’s historic buildings, landscapes, and communities.
The Alliance works across the city of Boston, engaging with dozens of residents, advocates, elected officials, City leadership, and organizations on a variety of projects and initiatives. In the past, our work has been most concentrated in the downtown neighborhoods where development impacts are broader, but we have identified the need to play a more active role in outer neighborhoods where historic resources are increasingly threatened. We are interested in a strategic planning process that includes outreach to underserved communities to help us understand what role is most appropriate for our organization, what partners are available to us, and how our mission might evolve to be most relevant and effective in our city. 

As a non-profit organization with a 45-year history, we seek to revamp our mission and branding to reflect and invite a more diverse audience that is representative of the city of Boston. Having recently completed a diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion training hosted by YW Boston, we are more aware of the necessary changes we need to make to ensure we are expanding our outreach with equitable representation across our staff, volunteers, leadership, and community partners. The Alliance is intentional about expanding our scope of preservation work to include nontraditional and under-protected resources and strategic planning will guide our priorities, process, and partnerships, enabling us to demonstrate leadership in the preservation community in Boston and beyond. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Young Advisors 

Thank you for your interest in the Boston Preservation Alliance (BPA) Young Advisors (YA) Board. We appreciate that you are considering volunteering your valuable time, energy, and expertise to our group. The purpose of this application is for us to get to know you so that we can assess why you are interested in joining us, what you will bring to the
YAs, and what the YAs can offer you. We are currently looking to increase the diversity of our board by welcoming new members from varying personal and professional backgrounds. Please do not hesitate to tell us about your relevant experiences in fields other than preservation!

Applicants interested in serving as a Young Advisor should first read and understand the expectations and rules of membership as outlined below.

BPA Young Advisor Expectations

  • Support the Mission Statement of the BPA.
  • Actively engage with the community to represent the organization.
  • Share his/her expertise and skills to the benefit of the organization.
  • Attend and volunteer in the BPA’s programs and activities.
  • Attend at least two-thirds (eight) of the monthly YA meetings unless excused by the President.
  • Remain educated of the activities of the BPA.
  • Declare conflicts of interest as they pertain to your position within the BPA and excuse yourself from discussions and votes when appropriate.
  • Serve on at least one BPA committee.
  • Actively participate in the planning of and attend YA programs and activities, including fundraising efforts. 

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Thank you to all our corporate members, including: