Miriam Martins

Kim's Flower Shop, Fields Corner

Vivian Veth and Junior Pena have both been selling flowers since 2016. They named the flower shop Kim’s because it was the name of Vivian’s mother. Kim’s Flower Shop is located in Dorchester. Vivian Veth and Junior Pena have been working together for 30 years. She sells many different flowers like roses and daisies, and they have different colors like red, rainbow, blue, and many more. They have two other places like My Sister’s Crawfish III, and they are going to open a restaurant that will have bánh mì soon. Kim’s Flower Shop has different colors and different flowers.

Vivian and Junior have been working together for 30 years. In 2015 they opened Landmark Unlimited Realty. They help people find houses and sell homes. In 2016 they opened a flower shop that was named Kim’s Flower Shop after Vivian’s mother. In 2017, she was at the Tết in Boston Lunar New Year in February. In 2018 they opened a new website where you can order flowers. They are opening a bánh mì restaurant soon.

Vivian wants to make the world a better place by selling flowers because they are pretty and smell great. When I was there it was great, and it smelled like flowers. There was a room full of flowers and some were rainbow colored and many more and they were different sizes too. The shop was pretty and there were roses and other flowers there with different colors. Some people go to a flower shop because they want to give flowers to someone at weddings, funerals, on Valentine’s Day, or to give flowers for someone’s birthday or to give them to their loved ones. If there were no flowers in the world, the world would be plain and have no color.

Kim's Flower Shop Vivian
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