Keicsi Fountain

Humphreys Street Studios, Uphams Corner

Humphreys Street Studios was founded by Joseph Wheelwright and artisan Gneal Widett. It was founded in 2002 on 11 Humphreys Street in Dorchester, MA. They can also hold up to 40 tenants including designers, carpenters, blacksmiths, sculptors, furniture makers, and painters. The Creative Studio is owned by two young Black men, Aaron Higginbottom and Ralph Sanon, who have a successful business. They have merchandise such as T-shirts, skateboards, tracksuits, and hats. When I was there, I saw sculptures that I had never seen before from a sculptor, Gillian Christy, and really cool stuff from Andy Good, a blacksmith.

In 2002 Humphreys Street Studios was founded by Joseph Wheelwright and Gneal Widett. It provides a good area and good contributors who help Humphreys Street Studios (HSS) look better. It has a backyard and is beautiful in the area and the whole building.

This business is important to the community because they tell you what they do that people don’t understand. We got to experience how when we get older, we can do something like what they do for a living. Even if it’s not for a living but something that people like or may find interesting when bored, or just want to know more about in general. Some people don’t really know about Humphreys Street Studios. If they go on a field trip like we did, they can read our stories or hear about it to get to know more about how interesting it is for us and them.

A photo of Andy Good at Humphreys Street Studios
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