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  • Located directly below the Gold Dome of the Massachusetts State House, the Senate Chamber was preserved based on the 1868 period of significance. The 1500 wooden panels were removed, numbered, repaired, and reinstalled in their original locations.

  • Since its construction, this commercial building has played a central role in the culture of Dudley Square. It was built in stages starting in the 1880s. Madison Park Development Corporation purchased the property and rehabilitated it into a mixed-use building.

  • Built in 1786, the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm is a rare example of an intact urban farmstead. Historic Boston Inc preserved the original fabric of the home while continuing the legacy of an urban farm by partnering with the Urban Farming Institute of Boston.

  • The Longfellow Bridge (originally called the Cambridge Bridge) was built in 1901 to replace the 1793 span. It was designed by Edmund Wheelwright (with inspiration from the 1893 Columbian Exposition) and is a product of the City Beautiful Movement.

  • 240A Newbury Street was originally built in 1880 as two residential brownstones at 39 and 41 Fairfield Street. The two homes were combined in the 1960s with an insensitive infill project. UrbanMeritage purchased the building in 2014 and set to the task of architecturally and aesthetically unifying the structure.

  • "The Castle" was completed in 1915 as one of the first residences along Bay State Road. The BU campus developed around the home and it became the residence of BU Presidents. It is now an iconic building that serves as a gathering place for students and alumni.

  • International Harvester sold farm equipment and motor trucks at their headquarters on Boston’s Auto Mile. Boston Volvo revived the automobile history of the area by restoring the IH building, bringing it back to its original use as a vehicle showroom and office.

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