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Mattapan Heights, Phase III, Building F


42.2747442, -71.0837069

Planned and built by owners Trinity Financial, Inc., architectural firm Bergmeyer Associates, and CWC Builders this award-winning third phase of the Mattapan Heights development project continues the comprehensive redevelopment and adaptive re-use of the historic Boston Consumptive and Chronic Disease Hospital campus on River Street into seventy-three units of affordable housing. Twelve one and two bedroom units are in the rehabilitated Children’s Ward, (Building F). The revitalization of this T-shaped structure is the final step in integrating the River Street neighborhood’s past with the area’s newest neighborhood, Mattapan Heights.


Building F was constructed in 1912 and converted for female patient use in 1930. It features Craftsman-style detailing and is finished in painted stucco and wood. When renovations began in 2006 it had been vacant for over twenty years and was in a state of disrepair and decay. The redevelopment preserved and restored historic components of the exterior façades such as the painted stucco, wood sash windows and wood trim. Replaced features were designed according to original construction documents, utilizing historic materials such as cedar clapboards, cedar trimming, stucco, and copper. The completion of the renovation and restoration of Building F is a milestone for reviving the history and sense of community in an often under-recognized Boston neighborhood.

When renovations began in 2006, the building had been vacant for decades.
The restored 1912 building is a prime example of adaptive re-use.
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