2024 Open Call for Directors

Our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan created a new vision and mission for the Alliance. Our Board of Directors is charged with implementing the Plan, in collaboration with staff, the Advisory Council, and Young Advisors.

VisionWe envision Boston as a place where the stories of its diverse residents and cultures are reflected in its evolving built environment.

MissionThe Alliance exists to advocate for and empower Bostonians to play an active role in preserving the places and stories that are meaningful to our history.


About Our Board of Directors

Our Directors are hands-on in the organization, serving on committees and engaging with the community on behalf of the Alliance. Through our Awards program, fundraising efforts, special events like our CuraTours series, and our wide range of advocacy efforts, our Directors are directly involved in all aspects of the work that we do. 

Board members represent a wide range of backgrounds including architecture and historic preservation, development and building trades, finance and fundraising, communications and public relations, material conservation and restoration, and many others. Most of our Directors live and/or work in Boston and all have a deep passion for the city’s history, built environment, and vibrancy. 


Our Commitment to DEAI

The Alliance believes that Boston’s history belongs to all, and that everyone deserves to see themselves and their story reflected in the places we choose to preserve. We are committed to modeling and embracing diversity, equity, access, and inclusion through our leadership, staff, engagement, programming, and advocacy. We strive to create a welcoming environment for everyone by celebrating differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to create a stronger organization that represents all of Boston’s neighborhoods. Our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan outlines our expectations for meeting our DEAI goals. 

Read our full 2020 statement here. 


We are currently searching for Board members who fit at least one of the following:

  • Live in Boston
  • Work or have experience in finance and/or fundraising 
  • Serve as community leaders and advocates, especially in the areas of affordable housing and equity
  • Have a law background, especially in preservation and/or land use law
  • Have a skillset in storytelling, researching and writing about historic places, or sharing content on social media
  • Are passionate about Boston’s history and the built environment
  • Have experience in development and/or building trades, especially in Boston
  • Have experience with advocacy and/or nonprofit organizations
  • Knowledgeable about Climate Action, sustainability, deconstruction and salvage, decarbonization, circular economies, etc.

Overview of Service

Board Member Terms: Directors serve for a three-year term and may serve consecutive terms as determined by the Board of Directors and membership.

  • Time Commitment: Board Meetings are currently held every other month on Mondays, 3:00-5:00pm, and are mostly virtual. Two hybrid meetings are scheduled for 2024. Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings unless there are extenuating circumstances. 
  • Committees: There are six standing committees as well as several subcommittees that meet as needed. All Directors are required to serve on at least one standing committee with consistent attendance and participation. Standing committees include: Executive, Governance, Finance, Development, Public Engagement, and Advocacy. Subcommittees assist with event planning, special programs and initiatives, community engagement, various advocacy efforts, etc. 
  •  Events: Directors are expected to attend Alliance events including the Annual Meeting in March, the Preservation Achievement Awards in October, and other programs and fundraising events hosted by the Alliance and the Young Advisors throughout the year. 
  • Fundraising: All Directors are expected to participate in fundraising. There are several opportunities throughout the year to do so: raise funds through our Peer-to-Peer campaign in May, help solicit sponsorships for our Awards event in October, write notes on Year End Appeal letters in November, make an individual contribution, arrange a match through employer, and/or make connections with potential donors, grantors, members, or other supporters. 


Vision of Service

The following are areas of shared responsibility by all Board members: To support the mission of the Boston Preservation Alliance through advocacy, fundraising, and contributions of time and expertise. Directors represent the Alliance in the community and promote the organization through both professional and personal avenues. The Board of Directors holds fiduciary responsibility for the organization and guides long-term financial sustainability.



If you are interested in joining the Alliance’s Board of Directors, please submit this Interest Form. The Alliance will reach out to you with next steps. Anyone invited to join the Board of Directors will be voted on by members of the organization at the Annual Meeting each spring. Interest Forms are reviewed on a rolling basis by Board leadership and the Executive Director.


Interest Form




Board of Directors Members

  • A photo of Regan Shields Ives smiling in front of a cityscape. She has blonde hair and is wearing a black blazer and white shirt.
  • Christopher Scoville leans against a green banister and smiles at the camera. He has a grey beard and a straw hat. He is wearing a denim button-up shirt.
  • A photograph of Nancy Welsh smiling in front of a grey background.
  • Sean Headshot
  • A photograph of Vicki Adjami smiling in front of a white background. She has brown hair and is wearing a black shirt with a large pendant necklace.
  • Nicole is looking at the camera. She has long black hair and she is wearing a purple blouse
  • A photograph of Ross Camera leaning on a desk in front of a wall of windows. He is wearing a brown jacket.
  • A photograph of Philip Chen smiling in front of a white wall with paintings, he is sitting on a table looking at the camera. He is wearing a blue suit jacket, . He has black hair and glases.
  • Jon-Lawrence Koloba is looking at the camera in front of nature. He is wearing a white shirt and black pants. He has long and curvy hair.
  • Kelly Lyons is samiling at the camera. She has long curly and black hair. She is wearing a black blouse.
  • A photograph of Jeff Marr, Jr. smiling in front of a white wall. He is wearing a black suit jacket, a light blue dress shirt, and an orange and blue striped tie.
  • Thea is looking at the camera. She is using a blue shirt, glasses and she has a short haircut.
  • A photograph of David Nagahiro in front of a blurred background consisting of a building and orange foliage. He is smiling and looking to his right. He is wearing glasses, a black suit jacket, and a grey dress shirt.
  • A photograph of Beatrice Nessen smiling. She is wearing a string of pearls, a black sweater, and a red shirt.
  • Diana Pisciotta is smiling at the camera, she is wearing a purple shirt and a black dress.
  • Kennan is smilint at the camera. She has blond hair. She is wearing a patterned shirt.
  • A photograph of Tony Ursillo smiling in front of an orange background. He is wearing a black suit jacket, a white dress shirt, and a grey tie.
Thank you to all our corporate members, including: