Urion Griffith

Pho Hoa, Fields Corner

Pho Hoa was founded by Tam’s dad, Thanh Le, in 1992. In November of 2021, my class went on a field trip and visited Pho Hoa. I had a special Asian drink, a bowl of white rice, chicken, and steak with a salad. They are located in Dorchester.

In 2012, Tam opened his second restaurant in Quincy. In 2016 he opened the Reign Drink Lab. Reign Drink Lab is on the side of Pho Hoa. Tam officially took over Pho Hoa in 2018 because his father retired. Pho Hoa was near my favorite park. Pho Hoa is a 4.4-star restaurant according to Google. Now it has grown big over the years.

Pho Hoa provides food for the Dorchester community. It is important because at Pho Hoa people eat good food. I had a field trip there and had a great time eating. It was so good.

Students eating at Pho Hoa
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