ESL 1 Multilingual Grade 7 and 8

Merengue, Grove Hall

Merengue opened in 1994. Hector and Nivia Piña are the owners. Hector was born in the Dominican Republic, and Nivia was born in Puerto Rico. Merengue is located at 160 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119.

In 1986, Hector moved to Boston from the Dominican Republic. In 1994, Merengue opened with seats for 26 people. In 2001, Nivia joined Merengue, and it expanded to a capacity of 100 seats.

Merengue caters for the Boston Red Sox. Famous baseball players such as Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, and David Ortiz enjoy eating at Merengue because they like the traditional food on the menu. Merengue is a special place because it is a place for family, community, and culture.

Merengue Interior
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