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Citgo sign here to stay, but maybe not surrounding buildings

Developer Related Beal on Tuesday went before the Boston Civic Design Commission to submit its updated plans to redevelop buildings on Commonwealth Avenue near Deerfield Street. As has happened with previous versions of the proposal to create new office space along Commonwealth Ave., the latest incarnation received a mixed response. 

“The building on the corner that they’re proposing to demolish is a character-defining building to the square,” said Greg Galer, executive director of the Boston Preservation Alliance. “We don’t quite see a design replacing it that is high enough quality in character to merit that replacement.”

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Marty Misses the Mark With Citgo Veto, says Banker & Tradesman Editorial

“An icon of the Boston skyline was very nearly protected against the city’s current rapacious development culture- but then the mayor stepped in.”

Walsh vetoes Citgo Sign Landmark designation, Sign to be moved

Mayor Walsh, Citgo, Related Beal (the developer of the site), and Boston University release a statement: 

It’s time to have your say on the Citgo sign’s future

The debate over the future of the Citgo sign is still quietly grinding on.

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