The Boston Preservation Alliance values your support of its efforts to positively influence the future of Boston's historic buildings, landscapes, and communities. Membership in the Alliance gives you the opportunity to support our city's one-of-a-kind resources and have a say in the future of your Boston.

We hope that you will consider joining the Alliance today, and do your part to preserve Boston's invaluable heritage!

Organizational Membership

Organizational Members provide essential connections between the Alliance and historic preservation issues in various parts of the community. The Alliance’s role as an umbrella organization encompasses a diversity of interests through our organizational members. Neighborhood preservation advocacy groups, historical societies and historic sites, museums, and other types of non-profits are all part of the Alliance. We, in turn, provide advocacy assistance to our Organizational Members, and each appoints two delegates to vote on matters pertaining to the Alliance's governance at our Annual Meeting. The Alliance promotes the events and activities sponsored by our Organizational Members and we commonly work together on joint programming.

We welcome inquiries from organizations that share the Alliance's vision to improve tomorrow's built heritage and would like to join our growing body of Organizational Members.

If your organization would like to work with the Alliance, please contact us anytime at 617-367-2458.

Member Organizations


Institutional Membership

Accredited colleges and universities that offer classes in historic preservation related fields are eligible for Institutional Membership. Institutions that are members of the Alliance appoint two delegates to represent their institution and vote on matters pertaining to the Alliance's governance.

The Alliance encourages joint programming with our Institutional Members and actively promotes the events and activities they sponsor. The relationship with Institutional Members also facilitates joint preservation projects by classes and individual students and in placing interns at the Alliance.