Our Mission

The Boston Preservation Alliance is a nonprofit organization that protects and improves the quality of Boston’s distinct architectural heritage. Through advocacy and education, we bring people and organizations together to influence the future of Boston’s historic buildings, landscapes and communities.

Summary of Objectives

Providing an Independent Voice for Historic Preservation and the Quality of Boston’s Built Environment

The Alliance builds relationships with local, state and national media; gives testimony at public forums; monitors new development in the city; comments on development proposals; organizes educational programming and special events such as lectures, walking tours and conferences; publishes a newsletter (the AllianceLetter); and maintains a website (www.bostonpreservation.org) with up-to-date news to provide an independent voice for individuals, organizations and companies with a stake and an interest in Boston's invaluable built heritage.

Providing an Information Clearinghouse and Early Warning System

The Alliance continuously collects, evaluates and disseminates timely information to its members and the public on events and issues that affect Boston's historic resources. The Alliance fosters a network for its individual and organizational members, public agencies, businesses and individuals with a goal of keeping them informed about what the others are doing, what their respective needs are, and what opportunities exist for information sharing and collaboration.

Project and Development Reviews

The Alliance reviews proposed development projects with developers and public agencies to identify impacts on Boston's historic resources and ways to avoid or mitigate any potential damage. The Alliance also actively supports new construction, restoration and adaptive re-use projects that will contribute positively to Boston's unique brand of culture and built heritage.

Public Education

Through walking tours, workshops, lectures, an awards program, special events and publications, the Alliance educates and informs the public about the cultural and economic value of the city's historic resources and the need to protect them.

Setting the Preservation Agenda

By initiating programs and calling attention to citywide and neighborhood-based needs, the Alliance helps to set the agenda for preservation efforts and compatible new construction in Boston.

Providing Technical Assistance

The Alliance regularly provides technical information to its members and the general public to assist them in protecting local resources and interacting with complex government regulations.

Supporting Public Agencies

The Alliance encourages full public support for, and adequate funding of, such agencies as the Boston Landmarks Commission, the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the National Park Service.

Legislative Action

The Alliance promotes, critiques and helps formulate legislation that impacts Boston's historic resources.

Supporting Landmark Districts and Other Protections

The Alliance fosters implementation of legal protections for historic resources by helping citizen's groups and individuals to initiate and see through designation of Boston Landmarks, Historic Districts and other protections.


When necessary, the Alliance legally challenges public and private entities whose actions threaten loss or irreversible damage to key historic resources.