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Boston Globe Recognizes Historic Preservation

February 25th, 2013  |  Posted by: Greg Galer

The Hayden Building, Courtesy of Historic Boston, Inc.



Thank you to the Boston Globe (“The priceless past,” Sunday, 2/22)  for recognizing the value of historic preservation in our city and those of us who work to keep the preservation successes coming:  “Boston, which owes so much of its charm to the historic treasures in its midst, also owes a debt of gratitude to the people who fight to preserve them. ”

Historic Boston Inc.’s restoration of this little-known architectural gem by renowned architect H.H. Richardson is another reminder  that  our historic fabric and the essence of what makes Boston unique lies not just in the monumental and iconic buildings we all know, but also the assemblage of smaller buildings that make up the neighborhoods’ distinctive streetscapes.  As the Globe notes, restoration work such as this helps revitalize neighborhoods.  Although new construction plays an important part in the city’s continued growth and evolution let us not be fooled by false arguments that historic buildings inherently hold us back, aren’t green, or can’t be made to serve another hundred years or more.   The influx of residents to our city is in large part driven by what makes Boston special and the unique and desirable character  derived from our historic buildings and landscape.  The Hayden Building is another great example .  Just look at the picture accompanying the Globe article.  Where would you rather work or call home, the Hayden Building in the foreground or the rather characterless building in background?

Congratulations HBI for another successful project. We look forward to the ribbon cutting later this week and to many others in the future , each demonstrating that new life can be reborn form old bones.

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