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New Construction Picks Up … with Alliance Involvement

January 25th, 2013  |  Posted by: Greg Galer


The Christian Center

I’ve been struck by the volume of news in recent days, no in fact weeks, of new Boston construction projects associated with historic resources in the city.  From what we’re seeing, the economy is picking up which is both beneficial and threatening to Boston’s special character.  The Alliance was involved with many of the projects hitting the news as these efforts matured from concepts, some going back several years, to finally moving forward.  We are currently actively providing input on many such projects today, demonstrating the important ways in which historic preservation and new construction interface.

The Alliance looks forward to continuing to guide project proponents and the city.  We promote thoughtful decisions about how the city evolves, encouraging changes that respect and enhance the unique character of the city that is so integrally connected with our historic resources.

A few recent projects in the news include: Towers at the Christian Science Center,  historic facades at Hong Lok in Chinatown, The Huntington Ave. YMCA, and developments in north station.  In upcoming posts I’ll provide a little bit of information about each projects and the issues of historic resources related to them.

Hong Lok House in Chinatown

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