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This blog is a place for dialogue on issues and actions relating to Boston's unique built environment and the preservation and continuing evolution of historic resources within it. My goal, as the Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance, is to post timely, relevant and thought-provoking intelligence, ideas, and insights that will engage conversations, inform our actions, and broaden perspectives on preservation.

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Greg Galer, Executive Director, Boston Preservation Alliance

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Rising Above the Noise

November 29th, 2012  |  Posted by: Greg Galer

Here it is, nearly December and I assume you, like me, find yourself inundated by requests for donations. Every non-profit organization knows this is the time of year when charitable giving peaks.  And let’s face it – most everyone has a good case. Demand for services from non-profits continues to increase while expenses rise and funding opportunities shrink.  Many organizations have accomplished wonderful things over the past year, and the need for greater support continues to grow

Yes, yes, all true, but I can’t be the only one who finds all these please starts to merge into white noise by the fifth or tenth or twentieth appeal.  I start to glaze over after a while.  Who doesn’t?  There are simply too many good causes.

But, as the Executive Director of a non-profit myself, I cannot simply ignore my responsibility and not wander into the fray. Individual donations are essential to our survival.  So, I ask myself how the Boston Preservation Alliance can rise above the din?  How do I demonstrate that your contribution to the Alliance can have a huge impact here?  That unlike many organizations, we do not have an endowment generating operating funds, that we draw no revenue from the city, that we earn no funds from property ownership, etc.  Our success in preserving the unique fabric and character of the city, of working to make new developments harmonize and build upon the benefits of our historic sites, of hosting programs to enhance our understanding and care of our historic city all depend on donors like you.

I want to emphasize one major point that makes us stand out this year. The Boston Preservation Alliance  is in an important place in the life of our organization, a strategic position paralleled by few other city non-profits.  We have the benefit of an experienced, new Executive Director (me) and an energized board anxious to step up. Working with our board we have begun a process of institutional reflection, self-analysis, and planning.  Every organization benefits from focused strategic planning every so often to build a stronger, more effective organization.  After over three decades it’s time to take measure of where we are and how we most effectively use your forthcoming donation to best move forward, expanding our presence and influence.

Along with your donation to support the Alliance and our planning effort, please pass along your thoughts about the Alliance.  Do you like our programs?  Do you support our advocacy efforts?  What should we do differently?  Are our successes best measured in efforts like saving Fenway Park and the historic theaters or our Annual Preservation Achievement Awards or in the regular educational and social programs we offer throughout the year?

I know that supporters like you contribute because you share in our commitment to the built environment of our city. And now, more than ever, your financial support is critical not only to our success as the watch-dog and advocate of Boston’s unique historic fabric, but to the continued strength of our organization.

I thank you in advance for your generous contribution to our Annual Fund. Your tax-deductible gift demonstrates your support of our ongoing work and your investment in the Alliance’s future.   And please send along your thoughts and comments by posting to the blog.  Help us rise above the din of the season with a meaningful gift and some thoughtful input.

Thank you.


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