Neighborhood Preservation Workshop Program

The Program

The Boston Preservation Alliance’s Neighborhood Preservation Workshop program began in 2009 with funding from The National Trust for Historic Preservation and corporate underwriters. Although funding from the National Trust was time-limited, we are grateful that corporate support from The Beal Companies, LLP, and Trinity Financial has continued. The program moves forward as we begin work in the summer of 2013 in the Egleston Square neighborhood in partnership with Egleston Square Main Streets. We have also begun discussions with community leaders in South Boston and plan to begin workshops there as well.

The Alliance continues to seek additional underwriting support that will allow us to help Boston’s underserved communities plan pro-actively to safeguard their historic resources. We are especially seeking underwriters who will make a $10,000 commitment divided over two years to fund the Alliance’s ongoing advocacy efforts in Boston’s neighborhoods, particularly as we expand the program into new areas. The program has the following goals:

To engage residents in Boston’s neighborhoods in learning about local historic buildings and places, to educate them about the array of tools available to help them care for these assets, and to support them as they take action to ensure their preservation.

To offer support in integrating historic preservation into community development and planning.

To provide a forum for residents to voice their needs and priorities regarding historic resources, and to foster connections between communities and the agencies and organizations that can work with them to achieve their goals.

2009-2011 Pilot

In 2009-2011, the Alliance managed a highly successful three-year pilot program supported by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and corporate underwriters. The program brought community members from four neighborhoods—Highland Park in Roxbury, Upham’s Corner in Dorchester, East Boston, and Allston Village—together for a series of workshops. These workshops led to Neighborhood Preservation Priorities Reports, which identified advocacy, technical, or financial assistance needs. These reports have formed the basis for the Alliance’s ongoing advocacy, and have already been a major tool for catalyzing change in each community.

Click to download reports:

Allston Village | PDF

Upham’s Corner | PDF

East Boston | PDF

Highland Park | PDF

The Results

The Pilot Program resulted in the following successes:

Over two dozen community meetings and/or walking tours in the pilot neighborhoods;

Four Preservation Priorities Reports that identified more than 150 properties in need of significant advocacy or action;

Collaboration between the Alliance approximately 20 community based organizations to help them to take steps to preserve important historic resources in their own communities;

Stronger links between neighborhood residents and preservation organizations and agencies;

More organized and effective fundraising efforts to save historic properties;

A broader awareness of preservation needs through direct outreach and increased media attention.

For More Information

For more information about the Neighborhood Preservation Workshop Program, please contact the Boston Preservation Alliance at 617.367.2458.