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Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) proposes expansion of its West End campus across two blocks on Cambridge Street. According to the Project Notification Form (PNF) filed by the proponent with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), this expansion would allow MGH to improve their patient services and offer more private rooms. The project as designed requires all existing buildings on the two blocks to be razed. This includes three historically significant masonry buildings: the 1884 Winchell Elementary School (aka Ruth Sleeper Hall) at 24 Blossom Street, the 1910 West End Tenement House at 23-25 north Anderson Street, and the 1929 West End Settlement House at 16-18 Blossom Street. These buildings are three of only a handful the survived the Urban Renewal efforts that decimated the neighborhood starting in the late 1950s. 

More information about the project can be found on the BPDA website, here.


Our Position:

The Alliance is concerned about the loss of the three historically significant buildings on the site of the proposed new development. While we do not oppose MGH's concept of expansion, we hope to work with the development team to avoid the complete loss of these buildings. The West End neighborhood still suffers the effects of Urban Renewal and we feel that is important for MGH, both as good neighbors and stewards of some of the last remaining buildings from pre-Urban Renewal, to make every effort to preserve West End history, memory, and sense of place. 


Highlights from our activity log:


•    March 22, 2019
The Alliance submits a comment letter, below, urging the proponent to find an alternative to demolition of the three historically significant buildings on the project site. 


•    March 19, 2019
The Alliance meets with the project team at MGH to learn more about the proposal and share our concerns. Alliance staff emphasizes the significance of the existing buildings and urges the proponent to consider moving the historic buildings on the site to provide space for the new development; the proponent agrees to study that alternative. 


•    February 20, 2019
A PNF is filed with the BPDA outlining a proposal to expand Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) across two blocks on Cambridge Street between Blossom Street and North Grove Street. According to the PNF, two new structures will be built on the site after all existing buildings are razed, including three historically significant masonry buildings. 

Rendering of new buildings from the corner of N Grove and Cambridge
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