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Harvard Medical School Gordon Hall Marble Restoration

Revival Styles

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Designed by Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge and built in 1906, Gordon Hall at Harvard Medical School is a Classical Revival marble building—the focal point of the medical Quadrangle on Longwood Avenue. A comprehensive inspection revealed that the marble exterior was in need of extensive restoration and repair. With a strong institutional commitment from Harvard Medical School, the project combined 21st century technologies with 19th century carving and masonry skills. Utilizing laser scanning, 3D printing, and computer-driven CNC machines as well as hand carving, custom built equipment, and conservation techniques, 30 skilled masons and other experts completed the marble repairs in six months. As much of the original material was preserved as possible but when new marble needed to be added, great care and skill was demonstrated in replicating original profiled and carved elements producing museum quality stone work. With investment in its materials, historic Gordon Hall will continue to serve as the anchor for the Longwood Medical Area.


“Too often building owners are unwilling to go the extra mile even though their property is of the highest quality and deserving of the highest quality materials and most skilled artisans,”” said Greg Galer, Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance. “Gordon Hall is an iconic building of the Harvard Medical School campus, and the level of skill Harvard devoted to get it right is remarkable and an exemplar of how unique historic structures should be stewarded.”

Marble (BEFORE)
Deteriorated Marble (BEFORE)
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